Patient Eye Shield
Patient Eye Shield

Patient Eye Shield

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  • Non-reflective, light weight titanium
  • Nickel free for patients with allergies/sensitivities
  • Durable design for repeated use
  • Easy to clean and autoclavable
  • Adjustable width for varying face sizes
  • Adjustable, elastic cord for a tight, yet comfortable fit
  • Easy access to nose and around eyes
  • No interference with magnetic fields (ex. CT)
  • Custom engraving available

 Optical Density (OD):

180-315 D LB10 + IR LB4 (OD10+)

>315-1400 D LB7 + IR LB9 + M LB10 (OD10+)

>1400-25000 DI LB5 + R LB3Y + M LB6Y (OD10+)

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