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Smoke Evacuator, Surgifresh, Mini Turbo



The Surgifresh Turbo smoke evacuator offers a unique filtration system. It uses an ULPA (ultra low penetration air) filter as the primary method of capturing fine plume particles with an integral large activated carbon filtration section for removing odor. But instead of the primary filter having an integral prefilter which can be contaminated quickly, it uses a replaceable prefilter. The advantage of this design is that replacement of the more costly ULPA filter is not based on prefilter life, but on the actual useful life of the ULPA filtration media. The separate, low cost prefilter extends the life of the primary filter, reducing the cost per procedure. Replacement of the ULPA filter is determined by the actual pressure differential through the filter media when the smoke evacuator is run using the test mode feature. The use of a mechanical smoke evacuation system with a highly efficient filtration system is widely recommended as the best way to provide optimal protection from surgical smoke. The Surgifresh Turbo smoke evacuator is a simple to use affordable solution to the need for effective smoke evacuation.